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A Powerful New Start that you can work from anywhere.
Flexible Online Solution


Meet Lisa MacKenzie and Ruth Sheridan.  Both Lisa and Ruth held senior positions in Corporate America for many years.  


Lisa started her corporate career right after graduating from Wake Forest University in the packaged goods industry and quickly rose to an executive role, leading sales teams across America.

Ruth Is a CPA by profession and spent many years in Public Accounting then transition to a senior management role, as president and COO of a mid cap high tech company.

Though Lisa and Ruth were successful in their own right, over the years they began to suffer burnout.  The corporate grind, the high pressure, the commutes were taking toll on their health and happiness.

In 2018 they met eachother for the first time and that is where the idea of The Corner Office At Home was born. They found a way to leave corporate world, ditch the grind and build an abundant income online.

They have now helped thousands of smart corporate women and men, like you, make the same transition that they did.

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After reviewing many "business opportunities" including MLM, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and interviewing so-called "leaders" in these industries, Lisa and Ruth quickly realized not only was there a lot of smoke - in - mirrors and " fake it till you make it people. 

They searched for something with STABILITY and  monthly income that was DEPENDABLE.  Something that is not offerred  typically in these "get rich quick" schemes like MLM.

It was important to them that there were





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Who Have we Helped?

I discovered Lisa and Ruth in early 2018, and truly, I haven't looked back since. Flexibility and portability were crucial factors in my decision to begin here, as I desired the ability to travel back to Ireland to visit my family whenever I chose, while also seeking the opportunity for unlimited earnings. Nowadays, I find myself happy, content, and financially independent.

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Amanda Byrne

Jessica McLeod

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After spending 7 years in Multi-Level Marketing, I found myself disillusioned with the imbalance between the payback and the time invested. I went back to a salaried job, but felt unfulfilled and was frustrated by the constraints of fixed hours and a limited salary. I am extremely thankful to have stumbled upon this opportunity. The flexibility to work hours that suit me is a breath of fresh air, and it continues to amaze me that I earn more in a single month with this business than I did in an entire year in a traditional job. I thoroughly enjoy my work now, running a lifestyle business that is not only unique and exciting but also fun, flexible, and immensely rewarding.

In 2019 I started to look for something to generate more time and income while working from home, balancing my role as a mom to a blended family of five. I grew to dislike leaving my family to go to work each day. We We wanted more out of life and financial independence. Success came early working with Ruth and Lisa; within the initial six months, I was profitable and self-sustaining. I am thankful for these ladies. If you are curious but a littel nervous to start I highly recommend connecting with them. They are super down to earth and will help you eep of tvhe way.

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Sarah Ann Delmont

Daniel Reeve

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My wife and I were looking to retire in the next few years back when I met Lis and Ruth.  We had moved to Florida and were set to live the good life but after losing my job I was left with my wife working and me not having a source of income.  I was scrolling Linkedin one day and just had a feeling about getting started with these ladies.  I had tried a bunch of stuff like Network Marketing before but never had success.  When I saw how different this was I decided to jump in both feet.  

My wife has been able to quit her job and we work at this together now a couple ours a day then spend the rest of our time enjoying life on the golf. Pretty darn grateful this was put in front of me.

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