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There are just three key methods to effectively Attract your prospect.


Curious to know what they are?


Well, here they are:

Active Attraction:


Active Attraction  revolves around continuous engagement with your audience or followers. It's an investment of your time aimed at nurturing relationships.


Whether on social media or other platforms, this involves activities like commenting, engaging in messenger conversations, making calls, or even conducting video chats.


During these interactions, your approach should be simple: be curious and ask plenty of questions. Make your audience feel like they're the most captivating individuals in the world.

Because, at that moment, they should be! Your goal is to determine if you can be of assistance to them.


When connecting with individuals in your target market, the odds are high that you can provide them with value. However, refrain from making assumptions. Instead, ask them questions to comprehend their problems and aspirations. Share free value, insights, and even free solutions that can address their needs.


While your paid solution is likely the best option, it's also crucial to explore how you can assist them right now and guide them by offering recommendations.


If you happen to be new to marketing and have been influenced to relentlessly prospect everyone, it's advisable to focus on giving first to foster some trust.


Breaking free from the constant urge to pitch your product or opportunity to prospects is a significant first step. 

Leveraged Influence:


The next avenue for building attraction involves activities that stem from your initial active attraction and influence-building endeavors.


Content Marketing plays a pivotal role here. Sharing content with your audience as a collective constitutes Leveraged Influence.

Reels, TikToks, Youtube Shorts, and more can all be employed to build influence.


Right now the social media platforms are giving great reach to these modes of content delivery.


You create it once, but many people will see it, either immediately or in the future.

Initially, your audience might be small or non-existent. That's perfectly normal; it's your chance to practice and refine your skills. With consistency and organization, your active attraction and influence-building efforts through your content will eventually accumulate into greater leverage.


What you do today will have an impact tomorrow.

However, if you cease creating content and delivering value, or if you're inconsistent in your efforts, your influence will dwindle.

If this sounds tiring to you, it could indicate a misalignment between your passions and your business. Any business demands daily and consistent effort, which is sustained by passion. If you aren't enjoying what you do, maintaining consistency will be a challenge. 

Furthermore, after engaging in Active and Leveraged Influence activities, it becomes thrilling to explore ways to assist even more people with greater leverage and enjoyment, especially if you're an introvert like me! 😄

Automated Influence

Automated influence is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you leverage automation like advertising, funnels, list building and so on to really add value to your audience and scale your business.

To go deep on how to design content & advertising in a way that attracts people who are actively looking for solutions to problems your offer solve AND learn how to market yourself professionally online ...

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