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Welcome To The Freedom Makers DoJo


Getting Started! Some important things to do!

1.Listen to this welcome video ☝

2. Make sure you have signed your Independent Marketing Agreement ( IMEA) inside your Melaleuca account.

3. Reach out to the person that enrolled you to book your strategy call within the next 24 hours.

4. Watch the Foundations Video on the dashboard of your Melaleuca business center.

5.DOWNLOAD the BOARDS APP and add the following boards

6. Download the Telegram app and join the Freedom Makers channel there. That's where you'll get notified of all the up and coming trainings.  You can also go here to find the channel on desktop 

Once in the Freedom Makers Channel follow the instructions in the pinned post

7. Make sure you join our chat on Facebook here

8. Review the training modules below.

Module 1 - Get to know Melaleuca

Belief is important to be successful in anything in life and building your Melaleuca business is no different!


Once you've internalized belief in the products, belief in the company, and belief in yourself, you are unstoppable, and we are here to help you achieve all of these!


Melaleuca is unique in many ways, and over time, you'll learn so much about all of the things that the company does and has to offer to truly live out their mission of enhancing the lives of people we touch. The best ways to learn about the company are to utilize your business center to listen to the regular messages from our leadership team, attend any and all trainings and meetings that you qualify to attend, read the monthly Leadership magazine, and plan to attend the annual Convention in May!


The first, and one of the most important, steps in building belief in the company is to listen The Foundations Video. Melaleuca's founder, Frank VanDerSloot (who has been CEO of the company since founding it) shares his WHY, his vision for the company, and why and how we strive to be unique. It's important that you feel aligned with these values to convey them to people that you'll share Melaleuca with over time.

If you haven't already watched the foundations video go watch it now! To watch it go into the Business Center on your website, scroll to the bottom right, and click on The Foundations Video - be sure to do this when you have 20 minutes that will be uninterrupted and you can listen carefully to the message!


Once you've watched it, please share your feedback with your enroller - what about the message felt aligned for you, what do you know now that you didn't before, what do you feel others should know?


Next up, is developing belief in our products!


If you haven't yet received your products, you likely will very soon - once you've got them, please select at least 2 products, and go to our Learn To Earn library to watch a video about them.


Once you've watched the video and tried the products that you chose, please share your feedback about them with your enroller. What did you like about the products? How are they different from other products you've used? Was it helpful, and if so, how, to watch the Learn To Earn video about them?


We'll continue to show you ways to build  belief in Melaleuca as you shop and share, and you've already got a solid foundation in place!

Watch the video below to learn more about Melaleuca

Module 2 - Creating Your WHY

Having a deep understanding of your WHY is key to building a successful Melaleuca business. 

Watch the video below to hear from Kim Hall and how she found her WHY 👇

Your “why”, your reason for starting to grow your Melaleuca business is a critically important part of ensuring your success. This is what will drive you and keep you focused on the critical activities needed to grow your business. It will keep you going when you have frustrating times, it will keep you inspired and committed to the goals you've made

In discovering your “why”, consider that people are not motivated by money itself, rather, it is the emotion that is fulfilled by having enough, or surplus money. It may be a feeling of relief from having extra income, a feeling of security from becoming debt-free, but overall, it is the feeling of freedom, having choices, having options, being able to do the things you want to do and provide the way you want to provide. All of these feelings or emotions are more important than a number

Here's how you can go about discovering your WHY:


Start with WHAT it is that you want. This might be a certain monthly income (in $), an achievement, such as Senior Director, a material possession, such as a new car, or providing for someone, such as a college fund for your children. Whatever it is, get it down on paper, with specifics!


Next, find a quiet space and time and reflect on WHY you want the thing or things that you identified.

       Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get to the bottom of it:

  1. What will having that thing do for your or your family?

  2. Why is it important to have it?

  3. How would it change your life to have it?

  4. Why must you have or do whatever it is?

With each of these questions, I encourage you to keep asking the question over and over, going 5-7 layers deep, to really get to what it truly means to you to achieve your goals.

For example: say you want to earn an extra 10K per month. That's your goal.  Then ask yourself what will it mean to your life if you earned that extra 10K.  Say it would allow you to quit a job that you don't particularly like.  Then ask yourself again, what will it mean if you quit your job. What is different and why is that important.  Say your answer is you will have more free time. Then ask yourself the same questions.  Go seven layers deep to uncover why this is so important to the quality of the rest of your life.


Next, write it all down, in detail!! Share it with your support team/enroller, and with your family – you’ll want their support and understanding as you are working to achieve your goals.

Your why is the power and passion that will drive you to achieve your goals. If your why is compelling enough, nothing will get in the way of you doing the work!


Watch the video below to help you create your personal vision and WHY! 👇

Module 3 - Creating A Contact List

Creating your contact list is the first Critical Activity in building your business.  Watch the video below and fill out the contact list in your 90 Day Game Plan Document.

One you have 10 names on your contact list reach out to your enroller and let them know.

Module 4 - Setting Your Business Hours

Module 5 - The Power of the Packs

Packs are an incredible way to build your business at Melaleuca.  Why?  When we recommend packs to our new shoppers they will experience more products at deeply discounted prices.  Many of the products in the packs are customer favourites.  This will expose your new shopper to more products that they will fall in love with and thereby ensure that your shopper shops month after month for all the things they need.

Watch the short video below to see and hear about the packs 👇


Enrolling a shopper in Melaleuca is  as simple as 1,2,3!

1. Approach people on your list as outlined in Module 5 Below

2. Show them some information as outlined in Module 6 below

3. Ask them if the would like to get started ( or if you're not feeling 100% comfortable doing that invite them to a call with your enroller or someone with more experience)

Now lets learn how to do it by reviewing Module 5, 6, and 7, below!

Module 6 - Approaching People On Your List And Setting The Appointment

What to say to your prospect is almost as important as what not to say.  

Watch the video below to learn how to invite people to take a look at Melaleuca and how to present the information.

Make sure you use the scripts in your 90 day game plan. It's best not to copy paste the scripts but to leave voice memos for people.  Why? Voice memos are more personal and can communicate your energy much clearer than text will.

Make sure you practice the scripts before leaving voice clip approaches.  

When the person responds yes they would like to learn more ask them for a few times that they have about 20 minutes to learn about the store.  This is an important step! Set the appointment. In the next Module we will show you the various ways to share information on Melaleuca.

Once the appointment is set use a tool to show the information. Don't try to explain it. The tools do a far better job of explaining the store than we can,

Watch this video to learn more about making approaches 👇 and make sure you refer to the 90 Day Game Plan Document to get access to the scripts.

Module 7 - Presenting Melaleuca

The single best way to present Melaleuca is to USE THE TOOLS.  We have incredible videos and presentations that you can use and share to explain both the Melaleuca store and the business opportunity.  The beauty of using a tool is that you don't have to know everything to get started. The tool does the talking for you! Easy Peasy!

There are several different tools that we have outlined below that are super simple to use and highly effective in sharing Melaleuca.

Watch the videos below to see how to share Melaleuca! It's super easy and fun.

Using Quick Share Pro to Share Melaleuca Videos

Using The Slideshow Presentation to Share Melaleuca

Using live presentations or 3 way zooms to share Melaleuca

If the 3 methods above are not convenient for your prospect you may share this on demand webinar presentation with them. This is the least favourite way of showing information as we have no idea if the prospect really watched it OR if they were distracted while watching ( it also makes it difficult to know when to followup. 

Copy paste this link and share it with your prospect

Passcode is wellness!

On Demand Webinar Overview

Module 8- Asking People To Get Started and Follow-up

Now your prospect has seen some information but your job is not done yet.  You must ask people if they are ready to get started.  This is a step that is missed by so many people.  You see, most people will not take an action unless they are asked! List to the video below as Lisa MacKenzie shares how to ask people to get started!

A Note on Handling Objections - Always Book the Overview ( BTO)

Q: What is it? A green shopping club. It’s like Amazon Prime or Costco, but better. Your going to love it.! BTO
Q: Can you tell me about it? Thats why I am calling. It takes about 25 minutes to get all of the facts. BTO
Q: Is this a pyramid - MLM? No! BTO
Q:Is this Amway or a MLM company? No! It's nothing like that. BTO
Q: Do I have to sell anything? No! BTO
Q: How much does it cost? 19 refundable dollars. BTO
Q: Just give me the highlights! Or just send me a link! This is like a good movie you have to see it from start to finish. This is how it works, I will call you and walk you through the online visual. BTO
Q: I have already heard of Melaleuca. Well, then you didn’t see what I saw! Please look at it again. BTO
Q:To the person with many questions: This is visual and you need to see it to understand it. I guarantee that it won’t be a waste of time. Let’s get together so you may get all the facts & make an educated decision." BTO

Other SCRIPTS for Objection Handling:  CLICK HERE

Module 9 -How to Enroll A New Shopper

Enrolling a new shopper couldn't be easier! Watch this video as Lisa MacKenzie walks you step by step through how to enroll a new shopper. 

Module 10-Membership Benefits&Perks

There are so many benefits and perks to the store.  Watch this video to learn about the amazing benefits of the store and make sure you share them with all your new shoppers

Module 11 - Launching Your Business On Social Media

Instructions for your first launch post on social media

Your Next 7 Days of Social Media Posts


Simply rinse and repeat the above steps until you have personally enrolled 2 shoppers.  Once you have accomplished this you're ready for your YELLOW BELT training!

Simply contact your enroller or email and we will get you your training link!
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