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9 Live Video Tips To Grow Your Business.

You may have noticed that your reach on live video these days is less than it ever has been. It can be frustrating right?

With TikTok and Reels taking video by storm you may be wondering if live video is still worth the time.

I am telling you it is with one caveat......that you focus most of your energy in 2022 on TikTok and Reels but still do one or two live videos per week on Facebook and IG.


Because live video is where 2 things happen....

  1. You can engage with people, have conversations with them, and warn up the trust factor even more.

  2. It's hard to hide behind filters and effects in Live video. People get to see the real authentic you and thats what they really want.

People need to come to know life and trust you if they are ever going to do business with you and LIVE video is the fastest way to create that.

In this video I share 9 tips on how to make your live videos better!

Let me know in the comments which tip you liked best.

Ruth XO


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