Answering your question - Am I in Network Marketing?

I have had so many people reach out to ask if in addition to being a content creator, and network marketing coach, am I also in Network Marketing?

My answer is of course! Doesn't it just drive you crazy when people put themselves out as network marketing gurus, coaches, experts at network marketing lead generation and they have never done it successfully themselves much less done it at all.

So in today's video I share with you a little bit about why my team has had so much success and in such record speed and what it looks like to be part of my team.

In addition to a step by step social media training and team duplication system, we hold daily team huddles to train on what is working now on social media.

Being ahead of the ever changing social media landscape is key to success if you are building your business online. And having an exact roadmap to follow to grow your team will reduce the overwhelm and provide you with quicker results ( and a whole lot less struggle).

So enjoy the video as you discover more about our training and more about the company that we chose as the vehicle to create wealth.