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Attraction Marketing Myth - Never post your company name or products

Attraction marketing myth never mentioned your company name or your products. So welcome to my channel. My name is Ruth Sheridan. I help you ditch the grind and build an abundant income online in this channel. I give tips on how to build your network marketing business and life strategies to live your best life. So today's training is really about how to position yourself on social media so that you actually let people know what you've got to sell. What you've got to offer, what business you're in without repelling them or pushing them away. You see a while back, I did a lot of attraction marketing training, and back then they really taught us never to mention your products, never to post about your products, never to post about your opportunity only to a post about an affiliate program. And what I found was people were attracting a lot of affiliates, but never really building their network marketing business because nobody knew what they did.

So in this training, I'm going to be sharing with you some creative ways on how you can start sharing your products, your opportunity without repelling your audience and having them stop following you because you're one of those spammy Tammy's right. And if your name's Tammy, sorry. So let's talk about this today because it's super important. When I started changing this strategy from never posting about my products or opportunity to posting about them, my sales went through the roof and I had more and more recruits, but you have to do it the right way. So let's break it down.

First of all, let's talk about, the different types of social media posts that there are. So we're going to first talk about Facebook and Instagram. We're going to kind of lump them together because they have some similar functionalities. Let's talk about posts. Those are the things that are written. Sometimes they're pictures. Sometimes they look like little pictures of inspirational quotes, that kind of stuff you never, ever want to be promoting your company, name or pictures of your products in those kinds of posts. The reason being is when people are attracted to you through your content, they're likely to visit your personal profile or your Instagram grid, your Instagram profile. And as soon as they start seeing kind of spammy posts about products or join my business or stuff like that, it's going to turn them away. They're not going to perceive that they're going to get value from following you.

So in those types of posts, you want to be thinking about what problems do your products or your business solve for your ideal business prospect, right? And you want to be posting valuable content, meaning, you know, let's say you sell a weight loss product. So three tips on how to lose belly fat. And it could be hydrate exercise and you know, eat a lot of salad. I don't know, but you don't want to be posting about your products there. If it's about a business opportunity, you can be showing lifestyle what that opportunity has done for you, but don't be sharing posts. Like I'm looking for five new people to join my team because that's going to turn people off too. So that's sort of your posting grid. We'll call it. You don't want to be sharing about your product, your opportunity on that grid because when people follow you and look at them, they might stop following you.

But there are some really great places that you can share about your products and your opportunity. And those are in your stories in short form video like Instagram reels in live video. Okay. So what you want to be doing, say, let's talk about live video first. So what you could do, and let's use this weight loss example, uh, because there's a lot of companies out there with weight loss products. So you could come on to your live video and say, Hey, today, I'm going to be sharing my journey to having, um, you know, less belly fat. And here are the things I'm doing. Number one every day, I'm walking 10,000 steps. And you're going to tell your story. You're going to tell your story of your frustration around having belly fat and how it makes you feel. And maybe you feel upset by it or embarrassed about it.

And you're committed to getting rid of it. You could give a second tip on how drinking more water is going to help you lose that belly fat. And then your third tip would be about a product that you're using to support this weight loss journey, right? And you could actually hold up your product, um, and talk about the benefits of it, not the ingredients, not the science, but the benefits you personally are seeing from taking these products. And then you can have a call to action in your video. Hey, if you're interested in finding out more, just drop me a comment, I'd be happy to connect with you and send you some information, or maybe you have a link in your bio for people to buy. Uh, Hey, you know, check out the link in my bio. If you're interested in this product for a 30 day money back guarantee, just go ahead over to the link in my bio and you'll see it there.

So you're going to want to call to action at the end. So that is live video. And again, it's valuable because you're giving people tips, but you're also sharing your own personal story. It's not salesy it's because you're making a product recommendation no different than if you went to a restaurant and really enjoyed a meal, you would recommend to your friends that they go try that restaurant too. Right? And you wouldn't feel weird about it. So don't feel weird about recommending products. The next really great place to promote product is in short form video. So that's Instagram reels and tic talk. And in those little short form videos, you know, they're, they're super, super short. Those videos get a massive amount of reach. Meaning if you put those videos out and you do it right, and I'll do another training on how to do that on this channel, then you can get thousands and thousands of views on your video.

Inevitably, you're going to come across people who are looking for what you have. And they're going to ask a question, or if you have a link in your bio, they're actually going to go in and buy. So again, you want to be putting out valuable content. You want to share your story. You want to share what worked for you. You want to share the products and be excited when you do it right on the business side. On the recruiting side, you can share maybe a result you had or a result of a team member. Maybe you have a team member that for the first time, they are in $600 and we're able to make a car payment and then have a call to action. Like if this sounds like something you would like to do, um, DM me or message me short form video right now are hot, right?

So I love doing short form video because they get massive reach. A lot of people see them. I have an, uh, tick-tock video that has close to a hundred thousand views. I did the same video on Facebook and it had under a hundred. So short form video is hot. If you are not using it, you got to get on it because that's where you're going to get seen. Okay. So we talked about short form video. We talked about, um, my video and let's talk about stories. So Facebook and Instagram, and even LinkedIn now have stories and stories are hot real estate. The reason I say that is they're at the very top of the newsfeed of all of the platforms, and it's really easy and fun to click on those stories and see what people are up to in their day. So in stories you can be promoting your products.

So imagine doing a story every morning. If you have, you know, if you're in weight loss and you have a shake, you're making your shake and you're drinking it and people are going to be curious, you could also do a little story about the benefits you saw from your products and why you're excited about it. Stories disappear after 24 hours. So they're not there forever. So you can promote products. You can promote opportunity. You can create some FOMO in stories. When you post things like, um, testimonials from your team, rank advancements, from your team, new people, joining. So stories are really, really effective because people love watching them. They love that short little bit of content and you will get a lot of views on them. And if you've got a call to action, like Lincoln bio people will actually buy from your stories. So just to recap posts themselves, okay.

The things that show up on your grids are a no-no for products and opportunity, types, posts, stories, and short form video like reels, like tic talk like YouTube shorts, fantastic for products and, and really creating some curiosity around your business operations [inaudible]. So I hope you found this video helpful today. Make sure you, you hit the subscribe button. Don't forget to hit the bell button to get notified of all of my future trainings. And if you did like this, check out the link below. I have a great video on how to take a look at what I do personally, um, to create income online. And if you're curious about finding out more, you can actually book a call with me and we can see if it's a fit anyway, have an amazing day. And I will be back again on this channel with more great tips.


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