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Do things with Urgency

Successful people operate with urgency.


It's one of the biggest components that makes them successful.

Instead of dragging their heals they attack every project, every relationship, every task with urgency. Like it's do or die.


Most people spend too much of their time procrastinating on the things they know they need to do.

And then when time is just about up, the deadline is imminent or shit is about to hit the fan....

they get busy.

Ever notice that the last week of the month in business is when the magic happens.

Well guess what

It's not magic

It's the procrastinators getting off their butts to get some shit done.

That's when they

start taking action...

They start doing what they can to revive the situation...

But most of the time it's way too late.

That's why most people will never break out of mediocrity.

My advice is simple.

Do every thing you can to create urgency in what you do

Set short term non negotiable goals that you won't quit on till your done

I know that performing at a high level isn't for everyone

But because you have read this this far I know it's for you.

Now go out and get it.

Ruth xo

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