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How to Use Instagram For Network Marketing - 2021 Strategy

Today we talking about Instagram and how do you leverage it to build your network marketing business in the online space?

I love Instagram for network marketing because it has various features that allow us not only attract great people to our business (entrepreneurs, business builders, those people that you prayed would join your network marketing opportunity,) but it also allows us a space to attract customers.

And yes, you can do both. If you think about the content that you're putting out on Instagram, your products are really the vehicle that you're using to have the lifestyle you have, right?

So you can actually combine the two and end up attracting amazing entrepreneurs who happen to be interested in the types of products and the benefits of the products that you have....If you showcase it the right way, a lot of people ask me,

Ruth, do I need two separate Instagram accounts?

The answer is no.

The two target markets can be effectively combined because in essence, your products are giving you the lifestyle that you have, right? That laptop lifestyle, that entrepreneur lifestyle. So the two can be combined really, really effectively.

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Now let's talk about the different features that Instagram has and how to use them to attract people to your business. Now, we're going to start from the lowest to the highest meaning the lowest meaning, the feature that doesn't get the most traction and the highest meaning the features that do get the most traction.

So of the four major features on Instagram POSTS get the least amount of reach, unless you are really, really good at picking the right hashtags. Hashtags can help you get reach on your Instagram, but if you don't pick the right hashtags, then the reach is going to be probably pretty low.

Now you may be wondering why should I still do posts if it's not getting reached well, as you start attracting people to your profile grid, and you've got to have some fresh content there.

Some people love to consume written content. That's me. I'll look at posts. I'll scan through really quickly. I read fast so I'll scan through the caption really quickly to get the gist of it. And I that's the type of content I love to consume.

So I will read posts.

A lot of people won't.

So you want to have something for those people who actually do read. So having a well curated post with a good caption is really, really important. You don't have to do one every day. I say max three a week, and you're perfect. Now the types of content you might share in your post could be inspirational, motivational educational. If you're looking to attract entrepreneurs, I like to tell stories, business stories, success stories, things like that. That will really attract the right audience to me.

The second feature is INSTAGRAM TV

Now Instagram TV used to be really, really hot. That was back when people loved to consume longer videos, a lot of people have changed their video consumption habits. Now where they're looking for that short hit, that short little educational piece or short little entertaining piece. (So those are reels and tick talk, right?) But we're going to talk about that in a minute.

The longer form video.... there are still people out there who will watch entire long videos. Some of my videos go almost an hour and people will watch it because you're delivering a lot of content. I will tell you, though, that Instagram TV's reach is less than reels, and we're going to talk about reels next. Now, what might you share on Instagram TV? It could be, tips, trainings, education, you can do a whole piece on motivation or inspiration. You could tell a story that's going to bring value to your ideal business prospect.

Most of my Instagram TVs are really targeted at that entrepreneurial market who are looking for an opportunity or looking for a new team to join are looking for a leader to lock arms with and learn from. So that's my target target in Instagram TV. It's tends to be not product based.

The next place we want to go. Third up the ladder is REELS. So reels are getting tons of reach. Now reels are short form. Short form video is something that people love to consume right now in 2021, they love it. It's short, it's fast. They can pick up a tip or two real quick. They can get to know you real quick. And reels are an excellent place to showcase both things you have. You could be showcasing business success, you be giving business tips. You could be giving behind the scenes of what it looks like to be an entrepreneur.

You could also do a reel showcasing your products. You could do a reel on before, and then you use the product and an after you could do a reel with a testimonial on it, you could do a real with a real quick interview on it. So reels can be used for both product awareness and for attracting business builders, both very effectively. You're going to want to pick different hashtags, for each target market, but they can be used in reels, both target markets, affective in reels.

The next place we go to is stories. STORIES are hot. Why? Because they have prime real estate. There are located at the top of Instagram.

People love short content ....stories can be really fun and really entertaining because they don't have to be beautifully curated. They can be quick snaps of things you're doing in your day. You can intersperse a product in there. You can intersperse it with a business tip. You can show your lifestyle and people love stories. Why? Because it's like reality TV. If you've ever watched reality TV before, I mean, you can get obsessed with it, right? So think about reels like this. If you had a favorite actor or actress, who would it be? And then ask yourself if you could spend the entire day with them without talking to them, but just kind of shadowing them. What would you like to see of their day? Would you like to see where they go to the gym? What kind of workout they do? What they eat, who their family members are, where they like to rely what their house looks like, what their office looks like.

That's what stories can be for you. It can be a place where people can kind of shadow your lifestyle and really get to know you. Remember, people will buy from people they know, like, and trust. People will join people they know like, and trust. So you have to give people a little bit of you so that they'll know like, and trust.

Bottom line though business happens in the DM'S, business, happens on messenger and Facebook and in the DMS on Instagram. So it's rare that someone's going to join your business unless you have a conversation with them first. So we always want to attract with content and then take those followers and continue the conference conversation and direct messenger.

Let me know in the comments which features you like best for building your network marketing business on Instagram.


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