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Is Creating Social Media Content A Waste of Time?

Is creating content on Social Media a waste of time?
Is creating content on Social Media a waste of time?

Every day, millions of content pieces flood social networks:

  • TikTok posts 23 million times

  • YouTube uploads 216 million videos

  • Facebook shares 350 million stories

  • X (formerly Twitter) tweets 500 million times

  • LinkedIn updates 2 million times

  • Instagram shares 95 million photos and videos

This adds up to over 1.1 billion new content pieces across these platforms daily, making it tough to get noticed and engage audiences.

So you might be wondering then is creating social media content a waste of time?

The real challenge isn’t just the platforms' algorithms favoring paid content ( aka paid advertising); it's the sheer volume of choices people have. An analysis done by a large marketing agency shows that over 5 million posts showed 59.41% had zero engagement.

So should you stop posting?

The short answer is No.

Social media remains a powerful marketing tool. It's about refining your approach, not quitting.

Here are key pitfalls to avoid in social media marketing:

  1. Imitating popular posts doesn't guarantee success. Originality counts. It's ok to look for ideas but copying things verbatim just won't get you traction.

  2. Mass posting leads to diminishing returns. Quality over quantity counts these days. Gone are the days of putting out substandard content and getting traction on it.

  3. High production value doesn't ensure content success. Simplicity can be more effective.

  4. Tracking and analyzing data is essential for strategy. Understand what works then do more of it.

In 2024 Effective social media strategies include:

  1. Offering fresh, unique content. It's ok to get inspiration from other creators but the more you can be yourself with your own unique view on things, the faster you will get traction. Remember that no one can be like you and that is what is going to make you stand out.

  2. Expressing strong, personal opinions. I was taught by gurus and leaders never to post something that is polarizing. For years I posted vanilla type content. The feel good stuff that no one could get their shorts in a know about. A lot of it fell on deaf ears. When I started posting some of my personal opinions about things it was interesting to watch how my true tribe came out of the woodwork. they became loyal followers because what I posted truly connected with them. Now some of the people who didn't agree I lost along the way...but they were never my tribe anyway.

  3. Delivering valuable information, from education to data. Think about it..the more valuable you become the the you get paid. Become that trusted advisor on whatever your niche needs help with.

  4. Capitalizing on relevant trends within your industry. The key words there are relevant to your industry. Simply hoping on the latest trending video style on tiktok, or grabbing the most trending song on Reels is not going to do it. Your content MUST be relevant to your audience in 2024.

  5. Collaborating with peers to extend reach. Collaborate to reach someone else's audience is a pretty easy and low cost way to expand your reach and sales.

  6. Sharing personal stories for authentic engagement. Nothing sells and builds a brand like a good story. when you tell a good story about an experience or something in your life, people can see little peices of themselves in your stories. It creates immediate connection and trust. Becoming a master story teller will acclerate your growth. Try it!

  7. Tailoring content to each platform's preferences. Every platform is different. Tailoring your content to each platform's preferences is super important. It can also be overwhelming. If you are just getting started master one platform then move on to the next. Gone are the days of getting away with simply crossposting content to all of your platforms.

if you're not sure where to start, the Roadmap Course will lay it all out for you. Everything from Pinterest to Instagram strategies along with email marketing and creating your first funnel.


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