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This is what it takes to win

Real Talk.....

Most people are so far away from understanding what it takes to win in reality….

It makes me sad to see the BS online about easy money.

It's sets people up for failure because they think its going to be easy.

Because of this

People barely try,

and still think they're working hard...

When the people who are actually winning big are absolutely obsessed with what they do 24/7/365.

The disparity in comprehension of what it actually takes to win vs what people are lead to believe it takes is massive...

...and a lot of people in the network marketing home biz space simply don't get it.

For most, it's going to ta

ke every ounce of effort for at least a decade to get in a "decent" place if you're starting from the beginning.

Having won at some businesses but lost at others ( the dot com biz a ran back in the early 2000's ended up in receivership after the bubble burst)

I know a couple of things about hard.

I know a couple of things about unfair.

But I also know what it takes to not give a crap about what people think and go to battle anyway … because I'm going to win no matter what.

It's a decision.

It's a commitment.

It's one of the the hardest battles you'll ever fight … and it never ends.

You'll fight with yourself most of the time. Especially at night when you begin to question yourself and your choices.

You either understand that or you don't.

Regardless of what you think...

That's the truth.

You better buckle up and get to work building the life that so many desire.

Get in line with reality or lose.

Those are your choices.

Ruth xo

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